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Welcome to the California Striped Bass Association

The California Striped Bass Association (CSBA) originated with a chapter in Stockton, California on April 14, 1974 and remains the oldest fresh water fishing organization in the state of California.  The CSBA is a non profit organization to preserve, conserve, and enhance striped bass while promoting recreational sport fishing, environmental awareness and good fellowship.

CSBA also works with other fishing groups on legislative matters affecting the fishery, water quality problems, etc.  We also work with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and state legislators making our ideas, view and suggestions known.

Our Motto, "Dedicated to the Preservation, conservation and Enhancement of Striped Bass" means that although we enjoy our sport fishing, we want to protect and enhance our fishery to insure that future generations will have a chance of catching this great sport fish...

In Memoriam
Captain “Jolly” Jay Sorensen
September 28, 1937 – June 22, 2020

Jay SorensenThe Delta mourns the loss of one of its strongest advocates. Jay Sorensen of Stockton California passed away peacefully in his sleep. After successfully beating throat cancer 5 years ago he valiantly lived with complications from the radiation therapy that left him unable to take nourishment by mouth.

A lifelong Stockton resident, he was an avid fisherman and guided thousands of people fishing on the San Joaquin River including celebrities, sports figures and even politicians. It is estimated he spent 10,000 days fishing over his 50 years as a guide. The nickname “Jolly” came from his penchant for humor and joke telling.

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